Bigger Job Opportunity After Graduation

Transferring from a different school and want to have a couple of different degrees, but don’t want to be in school that long?  Why don’t you think about doing a certificate instead of an Associate’s Degree? When you come to Western you have the option to do both. There are a couple of different Associate’s Degrees that make you take one or two classes from a certification so why not just finish the certificate. This can help you later when you are applying for different jobs as you have a bigger job opportunity available since you have more education to put on your resume.

The Marketing Certificate contains of three classes. Those are:

  • Marketing Principles
    • Marketing Principles represents the comprehension of the marketing concept and functions. Major concepts include segmentation, marketing mix, buyer behavior, decision support systems, consumer and business-to-business products, multicultural and global aspects, business ethics, and e-business. Marketing careers are explored.
  • Selling Principles
    • Selling is a part of a firm’s marketing activity and is a professional business process. Topics included are identification of sales prospects, determination of client needs, after-sales customer support, legal and ethical obligations of sales professionals, development of oral and written communications for selling, analysis of organizational structure, and making a sales presentation.
  • Promotion Principles
    • Students work in teams to select and research a company, brand, or business, create an institutional and event promotion campaign and buy efficient media in order to influence a data-defined market segment. The markets may be local, national, or global.

With only three classes that you need to complete in order to get the Marketing Certificate it has a couple of different benefits. Students

  • Listing you have a certificate plus an Associate’s degree on your resume is a big plus.
  • Having a simple background knowledge of marketing that could help you attain an entry level marketing job.
  • You could potentially be more qualified than someone else with you have both.
  • Bigger job opportunities available.


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