Want to take away more than just a degree? Look into certificates!


Are you graduating high school and planning on going to college for a business related program? Western is an inexpensive technical college which offers excellent programs, certificates, and instructors. The Marketing Certificate is only a three class certificate that will help you gain knowledge! These classes are:

  • Marketing Principles: Marketing Principles represents the comprehension of the marketing concept and functions. Major concepts include segmentation, marketing mix, buyer behavior, decision support systems, consumer and business-to-business products, multicultural and global aspects, business ethics, and e-business.
  • Selling Principles: Selling is a part of a firm’s marketing activity and is a professional business process. Topics included are identification of sales prospects, determination of client needs, after-sales customer support, legal and ethical obligations of sales professionals, development of oral and written communications for selling, analysis of organizational structure, and making a sales presentation.
  • Promotion Principles: Students work in teams to select and research a company, brand, or business, create an institutional and event promotion campaign and buy efficient media in order to influence a data-defined market segment. The markets may be local, national, or global.

The Marketing Certificate is for people who are creative and enjoy exploring new business trends. You will gain skills in entrepreneurship, advertising, management, sales, and develop communication and relationship skills. If you get the Marketing Certificate, not only will you gain knowledge and skills for promotion related to marketing aspects of business, but you will also beef up your resume! For example, I am in the Business Management Program and if I were to apply for a management job where other people with the same degree as me were applying, my Marketing Certificate will look that much nicer on my resume and will likely give me an edge over the other applicants.

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