My Experience with the Western Marketing Program and Living In the Western Residence Hall

I have enjoyed my time at Western quite a bit I really enjoy the town of Lacrosse WI. Western has many resources that a big university has in a much smaller package. One of the first things that caught my eye about western was the humongous dorms, I toured several other technical colleges and most didn’t have dorms and if they did they were unimpressive. I have now lived in the western dorms for a semester and a half and its been a very good living experience they come with all the basic amenities and are 4 times bigger than any other dorms I have seen, the RAs and front desk are very helpful in helping you out with any problems or questions you might have.

western res hall

Other resources that Western offers is the union market and the wellness center, your not going to find resources like that on your typical technical school campus. The union market is westerns food place it offers a great variety of food and drinks and you can even get a meal plan just like a University would. The wellness center is westerns gym it’s a great place to stay fit and in shape, it has a fully equipped weight room, a room full of treadmills, and a almost fully sized basketball court. All these great resources make Western feel like a small University school instead of your typical boring tech school.


My marketing program classes at western have been very educational and more entertaining than traditional classes. We have done solo and group projects that keep you on your toes and help get you ready for real life marketing situations. As far as I have heard Westerns credits are easily transferable to other schools especially the other Lacrosse schools Viterbo and UWL.

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