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Networking and Relationships

Marketing Relations and Networking  A lot of high school students don’t know how hands on the marketing program is at Western Technical College. If you choose the marketing program at Western, you will immediately begin to network and build close relationships with small businesses in the area. What is networking you may ask? Networking is […]

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Marketing Program

My experience in the Marketing Program at Western was  old school which helped because, I am a non-traditional Marketing student. I thought I might be in over my head with computers, but I found the class to be a very pleasant experience. The student were younger but very helpful when I was stumped.

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Marketing Management-

Work with an outside company As the capstone course for marketing majors, the learner will apply their knowledge to solve a business opportunity or problem by developing marketing objectives and strategies for a local business. Student teams will work with the area business to implement their recommendations in a competitive environment. A marketing plan for […]

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