Job Search Tools: Our Experience as Students

So, you’re ready to start the job search. You’re nearly graduated and want to get a head start on finding the perfect career. Where do you begin when there’s so much information on the internet?

We decided to put together a list on which job search tools we have used and how they worked for us. We’ll start with the most efficient and effective tools:

  1. Wisconsin TechConnect- Being that we are graduating from Westertech connectn Technical College, we use this site a lot. It lists employers seeking people specifically with an Associate’s Degree. It also allows you to upload your resume for employers to seek you out. We have found some great positions and internships through Wisconsin TechConnect. indeed
  2. On this site, you can also add your resume. The search capabilities are pretty great- you search key words and it also recommend jobs based on past searches. In addition, it will keep track of the jobs you have already applied to.
  3. This is pretty similar to on its search capabilities and ease of use. We suggest checking out both, though, because different jobs are likely to pop on each site.

4. Traditional Walk-In- Although it seems a little nerve wracking and is on the decline, many employers appreciate the confidence it takes to walk in. It may not work for every job position, but when it is applicable, it is a very effective tool. Remember to dress appropriately- this  is your first impression!shaking hands

Now we will talk about the not so effective tools. They’re still usable for job searching, but we have had difficulties with these sites:

  1. It is really hard to find professional positions on Craigslist. There is also no way of knowing if the job listing is even legitimate or the person posting is a serious employer.
  2. Random Internet Searches- although these will bring you to sites like Monster and Indeed, internet searches are not the best tool for finding jobs.

There are so many great tools for finding your dream job. Comment below with the tools that have worked for you!

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