How to dress for an interview (Men)



”A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

– Oscar Wilde


It takes a lot of foresight, and a little luck to nail a job interview.  One of the aspects of the dreaded interview that some struggle with is appropriate dress for the occasion.  The following tips will help you to build an ensemble that leaves just enough of an impression.


1:  The white shirt.  It is nearly impossible to find a suit jacket and slacks that are not complemented by a quality white button-up.  Find a shirt of medium thickness that is just expensive enough for you to take pride in.  Finally, avoid french cuffs unless you plan on attending a white-tie gala or wedding.


2:  The suit.  Dark, single breasted 2-button suit jackets are classic and work with most settings and complexions.  Stick to 100% cotton if possible and avoid flair like pinstripes for after you get the job.  The interview process is about competence, not style.


3:  The tie.  It is a good idea to ask your interviewer about dress code and their definition of business casual.  If, during the pre-interview phone call, they tell you to dress business professional, wear a tie.  If they tell you to dress business casual, wear a tie.  If they tell you to wear a hawaiian shirt and jean cut-offs, consider wearing a tie.  Stick to a classic design or dark solid color tie done in the half-windsor knot.  Never wear a flashy knot like the eldridge or trinity to an interview.


4:  The hair.  Cost cutters and their ilk are great for trims and children.  You are a professional and it’s time to find your salon.  Local establishments like Salon Medusa or The Orange Pearl employ those who are equal parts hairdresser and magician.  Don’t forget to snap a picture of your new cut if you like it so they have something to work off of at a later date.


5:  The leather.  Match your belt and shoes.  They should be black or brown and above all, matched.  Angled tipped shoes are growing in popularity, but rounded or rectangular tips are more classic.  Keep them clean and not too shiny.


6:  General maintenance.  Cologne should be discovered, not announced.  Use with care.  Clean your fingernails with an old toothbrush.


This article was written by students at Western Technical College and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the institution as a whole.  


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