How to Dress for an Interview (Female)

Being a female in the workplace often involves extra precaution for your appearance. It’s important to take it to the next level if you’ve managed to land an interview. This blog post will offer insight with tips and tricks to help you nail that interview, girlfriend!

  1. You want to wear makeup, but not too much makeup. As a female, it’s important to remember the level of your attractiveness reflects on your level of work ethic!
  2. Pantyhose or sans pantyhose? Many say they’re outdated, but it’s important to remember your calves could be a distraction to the men in the workplace!
  3. You thought the last tip was conflicting? Brace yourselves, ladies. Pantsuit or skirt suit? Many women say when working in a place full of men, they like to wear the skirt suit to stand out amongst their colleagues. While you want to be noticed, you don’t want to be too noticed and step on someone’s toes.
  4. Stressing over what color to wear? It’s suggested to stick to dark colors. But here’s a perk to being a female, you can wear that black suit that your male co-worker can’t pull off. Why, you ask? Well, men are told not to wear a black suit because they can’t wear colors to lighten it up, because that is too feminine.
  5. In conclusion, if you haven’t caught on to the light-heartedness of this post by now, I’ll offer you a real tip. There really aren’t major differences between interview dress for female and male. As long as you feel confident whilst looking professional, wear whatever your heart desires. If you have further confusion, simply ask your potential employer beforehand on how professional the work-environment is there.
  6. Furthermore, I’ll link to the other post on “male” interview dress! Good luck!

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