Grocery Shopping on a College Student Budget!

Here’s the deal… Doritos are delicious and cheap but not healthy. Strawberries are delicious and healthy, but not always cheap! It’s quite the predicament to be a healthy young adult when it’s so much easier to grab fast food on-the-go or get more bang for your buck out of a bag of Doritos. But there are some tips to live by for eating healthy on a budget:

1: Oatmeal is a life saver. It doesn’t have to be bland, gross and weird in texture (I know you were thinking it…).  It’s VERY cheap- $3 for a large canister- and it’s VERY adaptable to everyone’s tastes! Here are a few recipe ideas:

2: Frozen veggies and fruits give you a lot more food for your dollar, don’t go bad nearly as fast as fresh and have the same if not more nutrients than fresh! I love to make stir-fry with veggies because it’s super cheap and easy. Frozen fruit smoothies are my BFF for mornings when I want to eat a healthy filling meal but am running late to class. Here are quick ideas for all that fruit I know you buy:

3: Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. Duh.

4: Here are other key cheap things to have on hand: canned tuna, boneless skinless chicken breast, tofu, brown rice, honey, eggs, whole wheat bread, Greek yogurt, Cereal (not the stuff the 5-year-old you would pick out!), tea, black coffee.

5: A note on coffee: Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Java Vino and Moka are great, but on a budget it’s not what you need to spend money on. Purchase flavored coffee from the store and buy a sugar-free creamer or make your own creamer for a wallet-friendly, healthy alternative to sugar packed coffee drinks!


If you want any more ideas check out my Pinterest page or comment below!

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