6 tips for turning an interview into a job.

For students entering the workforce for the first time, the interview process can be scary, foreign and obtuse.  A measure of poise and professionalism is a must if an interviewee wishes to leave an impression.  If you keep the following tips in mind, you will not only demonstrate your intellect, but your genuine interest in the job.


1:  Know the job.  Spend at least 20 minutes researching the job you are applying for.  Find out the median starting wage, typical responsibilities and any important company policies if possible.  Even knowing the broadest strokes of the job will allow you to come across as knowledgeable and interested.


2:  Try to get an early interview.  We get it, you aren’t a morning person, neither are we.  Still, a morning interview (about an hour or two before lunch) is preferable.  People naturally favor ideas presented to them first, especially if there is an immediate need.  Use this to your advantage!


3:  Understate fashion.  You want something interesting that could be used as a conversation piece.  Don’t come to an interview with chains-a-dangling from your ears, or a saucer sized watch.  A quarter-sized brooch or lapel pin that is at least tangentially related to a story that makes you look good would be perfect.


4:  Have a good weakness.  Don’t you hate it when this happens?  Everything is going swimmingly until your employer asks that dreaded question: “What’s your biggest weakness?”  Believe it or not, there are right answers to this curveball.  Pick one and practice saying it.  Something akin to “I’m lazy.  If there is a more efficient, or faster way to get the same results, I’ll find it.”


6:  Stay in contact!  We cannot stress this enough.  Send an e-mail, say thanks and stay in their mind.  If nothing else, ask them if anything about your


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