5 Fields a Marketing Degree Can Take You

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  2. Bean Field
  3. Alfalfa Field
  4. Beet Field
  5. Hay Field

…. Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s actually talk about where a Marketing Degree can take you 🙂

We are now close to graduating, and the job hunt has officially started. Being that we are graduating with an Associates of Applied Science degree in Marketing, we want a job that uses the skills we’ve gained.

So, what kind of job can someone with a Marketing Degree get? In this post, we are going to first explore the fields that a Marketing graduate can get into. In future posts, we will talk about specific positions that are in these fields.


Marketing generally goes hand-in-hand with sales. In whatever marketing job you settle into, it is important to remember that the ultimate goal of business is to increase sales. By obtaining a job in sales, you will be the face of the company. You will be creating and maintaining relationships with customers, whether that be business-to-business or business-to-consumer sales. At Western, we have learned and practiced the principles of selling and how to sell in a retail environment. These classes have prepared us to be able to participate in relationship-based selling and has taught us that there is so much more to sales than meets the eye.

Product Management

Product Management is a large part of marketing. Basically, you will be taking a product from its infancy all the way to where it will be sold. Managing a product involves, researching the target market, segmenting, branding, and even deciding what price your customers will pay. It also includes choosing what kind of marketing message your target will be attracted to. In our Product Management class at Western, we learn to do all of these things, and in Marketing Management, we actually apply these skills to local companies.

Public Relations

A career in Public Relations is all about image- How the public sees the organization you work for. This is a vital area of marketing because if the audience you are trying to reach with your marketing message doesn’t approve of your business’s image, then selling to them will be near impossible. It is important to stay connected to the public and letting them know what your organization is up to- being transparent and honest will get any business far.

Social Media Management

Social Media is such a large part of marketing now, no business can easily get away with not implementing social media plans. That means that EVERY industry you can think of is in need of social media-savvy employees to stay competitive. However, just being able to post to Facebook once in a while is not what this entails. It includes coming up with very strategic messages, posting them at the right time, and being extremely consistent with branding efforts over all forms of social media. At Western, we take a class that gives us control of one form of social media to post, update, and interact with- can you guess which media we were assigned? 🙂

Project Management

Project Management involves achieving goals whilst staying on time and on budget. It includes working extremely well with team mates and planning out as much detail as possible before the project starts. In addition, having a risk-mitigation plan is vital to minimize the impact of things going wrong- and trust us, things will always go wrong! We work on numerous projects at Western, including the ones we do for local businesses in the Project Management course.

As you can see, a Marketing Degree can take you to all sorts of career fields. Who knows, maybe you might even end up in a corn field 😉

Leave a comment below on what career field interests you!

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