The Importance of Graphic Design in Marketing

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Graphic Design Lab

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

People often forget what a big role graphic design plays in marketing. Some would even say there is no correlation between the two. I’ll admit, I was one of those people when I first saw the class on my list of requirements for my Marketing degree. Western Technical College prides itself in offering 2-year degrees with just the “essentials.” So naturally, I was confused as to why I had to take a course I viewed as an elective. But within a couple weeks of the course, I understood completely as to why Graphic Design was so important to Marketing. Fundamentals of Graphic Design taught easy, fun courses in:

·         Adobe Photoshop

·         InDesign

·         Illustrator

Even a brief, creative project in each of the programs instantly showed how creative you could be. That’s when I realized, marketing isn’t just about projecting your opinions; it’s about how you do so. Graphic design helps your ideas stand out amongst others, which is a valuable tool to have alongside your Marketing degree.






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