Local Retail can Target mobile customers as sales channel changes

Retailers are realizing that more and more of their customers are doing their shopping through a
mobile channel rather than having the in-store experience. Because of this, retailers are finding
that they have to rethink how they are able to track their customers and their shopping
behaviors. The ultimate goal for many stores is to be able to track their customers when they log
into the stores WiFi network. This will then connect them to their email address or even a
connection with Facebook, where they then can obtain demographic information on their
customers, and even information on their shopping behaviors.

Many area stores in La Crosse face hard competition when it comes to the in-store experience,
and may be overwhelmed by the amount of new technology that is changing the retail world.
According to Phillip Redman, senior manager at Accenture Digital, there is no need to fear, only
some rethinking of strategies. Many say that traditional practices should not be left in the dark.
People are still looking for the high levels of service that they receive when they enter a store
compared to the lack of face to face online. When it comes to their marketing strategies they
may want to relook what their customer segments are. There are now new metrics which means
new segments. Try looking at the customer’s tendency to buy, interest levels, and engagement
levels. This is going to benefit retailers in the long wrong by drawing in new customers, and
being able to better connect with them. Relooking their strategies and segments could be a
make it or break it decision, and could possibly keep them from going out of business within this
next year. 2016 is going to be the year that La Crosse area stores are going to want to take a
closer look at the changing trends in retail.
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Summary provided by: Kaitlyn Schroeder

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