Campus Amenities

People often think that because Western is a smaller campus compared to its neighbors, that it doesn’tecd87fcd0a0d02b70141b736a38da299 have much to offer. However, that is not the case. Western is fully equipped to handle all of its students’ needs by offering:

  • The Wellness Center

A major part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is getting enough exercise. Often times, students are either too busy or too broke to buy a fancy gym membership. However, Western offers students a gym right on campus for only $20 per semester! You can even opt into paying a little more for GroupFit classes or personal training sessions.


  • Counseling Services

College has been stressful for everyone at least once. Western offers counselors who are ready to deal with any kind of issue. Whether it be school or life itself, they can help.


Western also offers career counseling, which can be very beneficial for students who could use a little guidance.


  • Financial Aid

The Financial Aid/Enrollment Services offices is a great place to visit if you have any questions. They can help you fill out financial aid, direct you to scholarships, and direct you to the answers you’re looking fir if they can’t answer them.

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