Marketing Research Tips for Every Business

In the Western Marketing Program we take a lot of classes pertaining to knowing who the target market is, how to identify them, and how to persuade the target to purchase a product or service. All of this is very useful information, but without knowing how to research and track the analytics of your customer, how are you going to know if all of your promotional efforts are working?! YOU’RE NOT! These are the top 3 tips on how to use a great research tool- Google Analytics- to your business’s advantage!

  1. Looking at the past 30 days can give you an idea of how your business has been thriving after posting to social media and Blogs. But looking at the past 6 months will let you know what pages have more traffic daily, weekly, and/or monthly.
  2. Audience location allows a business to see where their website visitors are coming from. You can find out if your business should be aiming for a more international marketing campaign, or stick to keeping the promotions local.
  3. Along with location, businesses can see the demographics of the users searching for the company. Things like age and gender are major clues as to how effective your promotions are at reaching the target market. Using this information can create an opportunity for a business to grow their target market or shift their target to a smaller, more pin-pointed audience.

For more information on Google Analytics, follow this link:

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