Are you a Non-Traditional Student?

Are you a Non-Traditional student? Come to Western Technical College to gain the essential experience in the Marketing Program.

Returning students or non-traditional students are individuals that have a desire to go back to school but might have taken time off to raise a family, work a full-time job, serve in the Armed Forces, or other reasons. Going back to school can be tough, which is why the Western Marketing Program has many things to offer a non-traditional student such as flexible scheduling options including night and online classes. The program itself is very affordable due to Western Technical College’s cost of tuition. In the end, a student can walk out with an Associate’s Degree in the Marketing Program, for less than $10,000.

The Western Marketing Program appeals to non-traditional students in multiple ways. First, we are very hands-on, which entices students to participate in real world experiences with local businesses. Through these projects, students can gain connections with potential employers. Second, marketing is a wide field, which increases opportunities for the students to obtain a variety of jobs upon graduation. Lastly, it is a 2-year program, which is quick and beneficial for those who may be raising families.

Job Placement:

All of the responding graduates in our most recent poll have landed a job in a marketing related field or are continuing their education. Western Marketing Students have the skills necessary to get into a marketing career after graduation.

Child Care Information:

Western Technical College understands that if a returning student with children is wanting to come back to school, providing daycare is essential. Western offers a child care center called the YWCA. It is open to community members, as well as Western faculty, staff, and students. The center is located at 419 North 9th Street, conveniently located right on campus.

Contact the YWCA


Zach & Pam Arnie
Zach is a Non-Traditional Information Technology Student, completing his Marketing Certificate. He appreciates the flexible scheduling that the program offers, as well as Veteran’s Services, an additional resource on campus. Arnie is a Non-Traditional Business Management Student receiving his Marketing Certificate. He stated that he appreciates the interaction with computers throughout the program. Arnie has also taken additional instructional courses on computers to further his education.

Local businesses/events that the Marketing Program has worked with:

  • Charlotte’s Bridal
  • The Children’s Museum
  • JavaVino
  • Fun Fur Pets
  • Wags & Whiskers
  • Grand National Truck & Tractor Pull
  • Oktoberfest
  • West Salem School District
  • YMCA
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Access Mobility Products
  • Unique Edge
  • West Salem Fire Department
  • Remembering Jesse Parker Races
Jesse WAGS
Pictured above is the sign that is on the well built in Uganda with money raised by the 2012 Project Management Principles students. See other pictures and information about this on our Facebook page. New store layout completed by the 2014 Retail Sales Management students at Wags & Whiskers. Additional information on this project can be viewed on our Facebook page.

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