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When most people are looking for a college, they fail to ask themselves a key question: Who Are You? Whether you have a full time career or you are fresh out of high school, Western gives you the ability to get a degree. With affordable rates, flexible scheduling, online classes, and many other services, now anyone can pursue their dream career. Western Technical College gives you the essential experience in the exciting career of marketing. With a two year program from Western, you will be on the fast track to a successful career.

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What is YOUR Next Step?

If you have ever thought about being in marketing, you have chosen the right place. La Crosse, Wisconsin’s Western Technical College’s Marketing Program is an excellent choice. Below, you will find further instructions about applying.


To apply for admission to Western Technical College, you must first complete the admissions application, which is linked below. Along with the application, there is a $30, non-refundable, application fee.

Click the image below to go directly to the online application:


Paper copy of application: click on first link to take you back to the admissions application page where you can register.
Questions: call your campus’s admissions phone number listed on the application page at the bottom (click on first link).
• Our Marketing Program does not have a waiting list!


Marketing Program Overview  Click the link to the left to be directly linked to the Marketing Program page.
 Admissions Requirements  This link will take you directly to the page where you will find what will be required to be accepted to Western Technical College.
Curriculum This is where you will find what classes you will be taking, along with some alternatives for the general education classes required.
 Placement Info In this page, it shows how the students from previous years have done after graduation, whether they continued in the marketing field or not.
 Learn More Here is where you will find the course instructors as well as frequently asked questions and the historical curriculum PDF file.
 Outcomes  These are the learning outcomes on what you will be learning to prepare you for when you graduate and start your career in the Marketing field.
Transfer This page gives all of the information and all of the transfer guides for the other schools in which Western Technical College has transfer agreements with.


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