Why choose a Technical College instead of an University?

Why go Tech over University

Universities have been what most people think of when they think about “going to college”. While Universities are the answer for some, they aren’t for all. In fact, a lot of people can find benefits in going to a Technical School first! Looking at the list below, it can only make sense why technical schools are making more sense than ever.

Less Expensive

Less ExpensiveLet’s get to the obvious. Technical College is less expensive. Tuition at a private university averages $20,000 a year while at an in-state public university you could find yourself paying out $10,000 a year. At a tech school, the amount you pay in tuition could be around $3000 to $5000 in a year. That is a lot of savings and less to pay back later in student loans. For this generation of broke college students, this is a huge argument for tech schools.

Small Class Sizes

Small Class SizesLet’s face it, college is harder than high school and I am sure huge lecture halls don’t help. What I found always helped me in high school was small class size. I got more one-on-one time with my teacher and I learned more because there was less around to distract me. This would make your college classes easier to adjust to and benefit from.

Higher Graduation rates

Higher Graduation RateThis may be a surprise but it’s true! Could it be that the low tuition and small class sizes have something to with this? Not only do you graduate sooner but you also will save money and your wits. You will walk away in a year and a half to two years with your associate’s degree.

Connections in the Industries

Industry ConnectionsOne thing I loved about the tech school where I earned my Associate degree was the connections they have to local business. We got to learn the skills that the local businesses were needing, setting us up for a lot of success in the community. This is huge for anyone who knows how hard it can be to find a job after graduation.

Hands-on learning

Real World ProjectsLastly, you get to perform in the field you are training yourself for. For those who need to do what they are learning, tech school is for you! In classes here, you will take part in simulations, projects within the community and get your hands on the technology that you will need to understand to have a successful career.

So, it would be hard to say no to applying to a tech school after looking at these points. You

  • save money,
  • learn more,
  • have a higher rate of graduating,
  • will make connections in the industry, and
  • be able to take advantage of hands-on learning.

What more could you want?

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