2.3 Million App Downloads, and a Full Salary, with No Marketing Cost?

App marketing is the up and coming way to create buzz around your business or product.

Check out this article titled “How I got 2.3 million app downloads (without spending a dime on marketing). This article has some great and innovative ideas about app marketing! This is becoming the newest thing in our Marketing world, and some of the ways Stuart talks about doing marketing is great. Yes he has some background in app building, which helps to know what works and doesn’t,  but he makes some great points, some that I had never thought of. There is many things future marketers can take away from this article, like ways to analyze the purchase habits, and downloads, but the last paragraph highlights the biggest thing to take away.

Stuart makes the point that when he was reaching a deal with Wahoo the CEO said to him, “We probably wouldn’t have considered buying the app if we hadn’t read the story.” This shows that all the text books you read, and lectures that you sit through, while trying to attain a Marketing degree, are true. People invest in a person or journey more than just a product.



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