Everything You Need to Know About Financial Aid

Going to school costs us money! Most of us pay for our own school fees, books and supplies, rent (on or off campus), food, gas, and clothes. As students, we also enjoy having fun outside of class which also costs us money. At the end of it all it adds up! If you are a student who is interested in applying for Financial Aid, what would you like to know? Would you like help understanding how Financial Aid works? Anyone can apply for Financial Aid at Western. You could be a full-time student with no time for a job or you could be attending Western less than half-time and be working two part time jobs outside of school. After applying, your enrollment status will be reviewed and adjusted if you are not full-time prior to disbursing your aid. After the tenth day of each trimester, no adjustments will be made to your aid unless you drop a class that you never attended or drop out completely. If you receive aid and withdraw from all classes before completing 60% of the trimester, you may owe a repayment. Federal grants, state grants, and student loans will be applied to your student account the 5th week of the trimester if you have completed the entire financial aid process. The remainder will be refunded to you or your parent after your account balance has been paid in full. Disbursements take place weekly, as students’ files are completed. If you want to find out more information on Financial Aid, Student Loans, charging textbooks/supplies, other sources of aid, or refund and repayment information click the link below.

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