Digital Marketing Third Term Course Descriptions

Marketing Research

Social Media Strategies

Math with Business Apps

Psychology of Human Relations


Marketing Research – 15 weeks for 3 credits
Designed for students to generate and develop marketing information for use in effective decision making. The roles and methodology of conducting primary and secondary research are emphasized. Use of the Internet and survey software are used to conduct actual marketing research for a business.

Social Media Strategies – 15 weeks for 3 credits
Explore current and up-and-coming online platforms, applications, and tracking methods for social media and determine how they are revolutionizing the marketing landscape. You will set up social media accounts, learn basic terminology, and incorporate best practices into marketing strategies. You will learn which platforms fit best with an organization’s strategic goals, how to integrate content across them, interpret the analytics, and tailor them to maximize results.

Math with Business Apps – 15 weeks for 3 credits
This course covers…real numbers, basic operations, linear equations, proportions with one variable, percents, simple interest, compound interest, annuity, apply math concepts to the purchasing/buying process, apply math concepts to the selling process, and basic statistics with business/consumer applications.

Psychology of Human Relations – 15 weeks for 3 credits
Explores the relationship between the general principles of psychology and our everyday lives. Students are given the opportunity to achieve a deepened sense of awareness of themselves and others. This understanding enables students to improve their relationships with others at work, in the family, and in society.

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