Digital Marketing – First Term Course Descriptions

  • Marketing Career Prep
  • Marketing Principles
  • Promotion Principles
  • Software Applications for Business

These Digital Marketing courses in RED are offered in the Fall Term Only and must be taken prior to any other Digital Marketing courses.

Marketing Career Preparation – 15 weeks for 3 credits
Develop skills to enhance your success. You will be introduced to personal branding by determining your strengths and the image you want to project as it applies to your personal life, your college life, and your career as a marketer. You will explore who you are, what motivates you to gain new knowledge and skills, and plan the path you want your professional development to take. You will look into marketing careers that match those skills, develop a marketing program academic plan, and start your own website portfolio that demonstrates your skills.

Marketing Principles – 15 weeks for 3 credits
Marketing Principles represents the comprehension of the marketing concept and functions. Major concepts include segmentation, marketing mix, buyer behavior, decision support systems, consumer and business-to-business products, multicultural and global aspects, business ethics, and e-business. Marketing careers are explored.

Promotion Principles – 15 weeks for 3 credits
Students work in teams to select and research a company, brand, or business, create an institutional and event promotion campaign and buy efficient media in order to influence a data-defined market segment. The markets may be local, national, or global.

Software Applications for Business – 15 weeks for 3 credits
Introduces the student to word processing and spreadsheet functions in an integrated office software suite. This course begins with basic skills for creating and editing word processing and spreadsheet documents and continues with advanced spreadsheet functions and commands. Spreadsheet applications will be directly related to solving business problems, formatting business information, and creating business reports.

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