Backpack Simulation Game

Marketing Principles provides the tools you need to kick start your future in marketing. By learning the  correct terminology, step by step processing guides, and a hands-on experience to promoting your own product, this class is highly beneficial. This class includes a simulation game that is not only fun, but uses the examples you need to know about catering to your target market by advertising, creating the right promotional mix, budget, and more. The game is to design and sell  backpacks pertaining to different target markets based on their preferences.

Within the game, you get to know everything about your target market. The segments include: Outdoor Enthusiasts, Urban Commuters, Students, Children, and Trendsetters.  Each student competes against one another throughout the game. The simulation game is first played by the use of a 10-round Demo version. During the preperation process, students with the same target market discuss the best options and work together. After the Demo is over, each student is responsible for their results.

Backpack simulation game  Backpack Designing Process

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