Why is Selling Important?

Selling Principles

Test-bank-for-SELL-4-4th-Edition-by-Thomas-N.-IngramA major part of marketing is the actual selling. Of course, most people already realize that. But in Selling Principles, we learn that selling isn’t just yelling, “BUY, BUY, BUY!” but, it’s how you execute the process. In order to comprehend the motives behind a successful sale, you have to first look to the beginning of the selling process, which is long before the actual meeting with clients. Before you can even begin to sell a product or service, you have to first sell your company’s image to the receiving business to even open the gates for collaboration. In Selling Principles, many of these aspects get addressed and dissected.

Throughout the semester, you will learn tips to landing a meeting with prospective buyers, what makes sales presentations successful, and other tips and tricks to stand out amongst competitors. For example, a topic of discussion I found useful was body language. Not only did we talk about “power poses” to help lead a sales, but we discussed how to read body language of the buyers. These tips may seem simple, but will prove to be valuable in the future. Selling Principles is an informative, interesting course offered in the Marketing program.


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