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Transfer Information for the Western Marketing Program

Transferring into Western Technical College’s Marketing Program can be a very simple and easy process. As a transfer student looking to attend Western Technical College’s Marketing Program the first step to take is to get in contact with an advisor. An advisor will be able to help guide you through the process of transferring by ensuring that you have all of the proper paper work completed and can get you in contact with different resources that will help make this transition easy and painless. With the help of an advisor, the most important documents that you will need to collect are all transcripts from the institutions you have previously attended. The next step would then be to fill out and complete the Transfer Evaluation Form where you will list all colleges that you have attended before and all of the credits you received.  A transfer credit evaluation will then take place to determine what credits Western will accept.

To get a better idea of your credits will transfer from a University of Wisconsin school or Wisconsin Technical College check out the UW Transfer Information System website. This is a very helpful tool, but make sure that you fill out the Western Transfer Evaluation Form to ensure that you can get the most out of your previous credits. Western evaluates your past credits and syllabi and may give you credit for a class not may not be found on the UW Transfer Information System website.

Come take a tour of Western Technical College and see what we have to offer.  Our campus is just a few blocks away from the Mississippi River and within walking distance of many local restaurants and pubs.  Western Technical College offers more than just great location, we also offer:

  • Smaller more personalized class sizes (Avg 15)
  • Affordable tuition
  • Teachers with experience in the marketing field
  • Ability to work with local businesses and build connections
  • Marketing/Graphic design certificates



Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transfer credit from another college, technical school, or university may be awarded for course work in which you have earned a grade of C or higher.  If you would like more information about: credit for prior learning, advanced standing, challenge exam, CLEP Exam, credit for work experience, Youth Options, Youth Apprenticeship, and advanced placement exams, please see Western’s Transfer Credit Page. Or call 1.800.322.9982 and request a counseling appointment.

 Tuition (as of 2017/2018) Associate and Technical Degree Classes (Traditional)

Program Fee $130.35 per credit Student Activity Fee $7.17 per credit Health Science Center Fee $1.83 per credit Security Fee $1.96 per credit

To schedule an appointment with a Western advisor call the Welcome Center at: (608)-785-9553

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