A mission focused assets disposal program.

In the spirit of Western Technical Colleges’ mission to “provide relevant, high quality education, in a collaborative and sustainable environment, that changes the lives of students and grows our communities”, WesternMart is an assets disposal program designed to provide relevant, real world experience for students while supporting the college’s sustainability initiatives.

Each year, due to numerous reasons, a number of college owned furniture and equipment items are removed from service and are to be disposed of. Disposal of these items must follow stat stature, therefore the process which this occurs is established and does require a commitment of resources and time. In many cases, discarding items directly into the waste stream is the last option.

WesternMart is a program that is intended to align with the state stature, provide relevant student experience, and support campus initiatives. The framework of this program is that enrolled students working through an academic program would, on a yearly basis, provide staffing, strategic planning, and operational oversight for the disposal of college owned furniture equipment per state stature.

This semester students have been focused on creating the overall framework for which these assets will be categorized and promoted. This is ultimately being done through the creation of a website that will effectively compile relevant data and provide an easily accessible format for potential buyers to connect with the college.

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