The Marketing Principles Experience


Marketing principals is an outstanding course where you are allowed to work in groups as well as on your own in order to reach the course outcomes. Generally speaking students have a very tight schedule. However, this is not a huge problem because all of the classes in the marketing program are offered at multiple times of the day and generally are only attended twice a week. This class is somewhat similar to the way a high school class functions. You are assigned assignments and there are regularly planned quizzes and tests. Generally the class follows the chapters of the book which makes it relatively easy to comprehend and accomplish due to all the information being readily accessible. Most of the class assignments are done online so having an internet connection is almost vital to your own success as a marketing student. After the class has gotten a few weeks underway and everyone has kind of settled in and gotten to know one another then the backpack game starts. This consists of groups that compete among one another in their very own backpack business simulation. The target market that you have can be the same as people in other groups so people with similar target markets may get together in order to familiarize with fellow strategies. This makes for some fun class times and memorable class moments. Even as these moments are happening the instructor will always answer any type of questions you may have before moving on which is something you cant really find at another college.

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