Seminar in Marketing

Social Media Campaign
Students will learn the importance of keeping current on new, emerging marketing trends, and identify sources used by marketing professionals to do so. The course will explore the important techniques and methodologies social scientists, marketers, and advertisers use to stay with, if not ahead of, cultural developments that are critical to successful product development, branding, distribution, and communicating with customers. Students will develop skills and sensitivities necessary to identify and understand major social trends as they relate to marketing. Three marketing topics will be explored each class. Two topics will be pre-chosen from a list of up-and-coming marketing trends facing current businesses. Students will learn how to integrate these ideas into current marketing strategies. The third topic will be chosen by the student after exploring, evaluating and investigating next-generation marketing ideas from sources such as e-newsletters, journals, magazines, websites, books, and speakers. Student topics will be researched in-depth and presented to the class in the form of a report and presentation. Upon completing this course, students will have the knowledge of how to explore emerging marketing trends, evaluate the effectiveness of the tactics, and determine if they should be integrating them into current marketing strategies.

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