Selling Principles- Non-Tradtional

Get an associates degree for marketing while taking the course Selling Principles:

The non-traditional students will enjoy this class course for multiple reasons: it is flexible; the assignments are given beforehand so it is easily manageable to complete the assignments and manage a work schedule, and it has multiple hands on projects.

Selling principles is one of the marketing programs requirement class courses. In this class individuals participate in multiple selling simulations that vary from interviews, to a mock selling project. The mock selling project is the “needs discovery interview assignment.”  Through this project, students learn to create multiple proposals, portfolios, and perform two interviews with a prospect that they are researching.  The class covers multiple topics on how individuals are successful in selling, how society interoperates salespeople, careers that are available in the selling field, and tests and quizzes on objectives that are taught throughout the semester.  This class is an overall great class for individuals looking to further their education in a selling career.


In the picture below is an example of a student partaking in the need discovery interview.


Needs Discovery Meeting

Needs Discovery Meeting


For more information on non-traditional students and testimonials visit their site here: Non-traditional

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