Program Highlights


Western Technical College In La Crosse, WI

Our Mission:

  • Provide relevant, high quality education in a 2 year period. 1st pic
  • Collaborative and sustainable environment.
  • Changes the lives of students and grow our communities.
  • Best option for traditional, non-traditional, and transferring students.

Western’s vision:

  • To be Western Technical College is the 1stchoice for college in the region.
  • Value learning, marketing, promotions, excellence, accountability, diversity, student success, teamwork, integrity, and respect.

Featured Alumni:                                     Photo of girl studying and researching

  • Picture of the alumni.
  • Description of why the student was chosen to be featured.

Western students are able to work in classrooms with high tech equipment and have the latest technology available to them at their fingertips. The buildings are modern and accessible. The library includes kiosks with computers that have all the tools for homework installed. It also has private study rooms available and equipment available to borrow while studying.

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The Wellness Center:

  • Is only $20.
  • Is available to anyone who wants to work out.
  • Open Monday through Saturday 9am to 9pm.4 pic

Eating or socialize on campus:

  • The Student Union is the place to do it!
  • They offer daily specials on food!
  • 500 Club menu options, and 4 food stations including
    • Chop’s Grill, Hub’s
    • 7thStreet Subs
    • And Fast & Fresh

Western cares about sustainability and joined the Energy Star Program in 2011. Western offers Eco-friendly options to save energy and resources such as water fountains that allows you to refill your water bottle easily and “eco-shells” for food that can be washed and reused. Western has a Storm water Management Team and is on its way to being considered Tree Campus USA.

5 pic

Overall, Western is a beautiful, modern campus. Western wants you to take pride in yourself, and your campus and you are guaranteed to feel right at home!