Personal Branding

Personal Branding Course – 2nd year spring course:

Are you proud of your digital presence? Will you be proud of it in ten years? Are there things that are untrue or pertain to someone with the same name? Do you want to know what you can you do about that? Do you want to find out if your digital image is consistent across all platforms? Do you think it will help get you your next job?

What does your personal brand stand for? Do you know who you are, what you are passionate about, and how this should influence (and build) your personal brand and reputation? Do you want to find a job, prepare a dynamite resume and cover letter that captures attention, and then ace your interview?  If so, this course is for you.

It is designed to familiarize yourself with your digital trail, find ways to shape and build it, and prepare you for entry into the workplace. Online search strategies, vision boards, a career planning guide, Student Employment Services, networking, researching current marketing jobs, current readings, and members of the business community will be used. Additionally, effective job entry preparations such as competitive resumes, cover letters, applications, thank you letters, various types of interviewing, job searches, appropriate business professional dress, and portfolios will be addressed.

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