Which Marketing Associate Degree is Best for You?

Earning your Associate Degree in Digital Marketing at Western Technical College prepares you for a career managing various popular digital tools effectively in as little as 2 years. Flexible delivery methods for this program include attending one evening per week, fully online, in La Crosse, or at our regional locations.

Course content is regularly updated to remain relevant in today’s rapidly shifting digital marketplace, including website content management, marketing analytics, SEO, social media, digital advertising, copywriting, and e-commerce, as well as the fundamentals of marketing and marketing strategies.

Earning your Associate Degree in Marketing Management at Western Technical College prepares you for a career in managing marketing strategy, retail sales management, business-to-business sales, small business or corporate marketing in as few as 2 years. You will learn how to apply marketing to real-world situations using:

Our campus in La Crosse provides residents of western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, and northeastern Iowa with a hands-on marketing experience through projects with local businesses and organizations from a college close to home. Our instructors provide both academic credentials and professional marketing experience from their careers as marketing consultants and sales professionals.

2 year vs 4 year College

Why would you choose a 2 year over a 4 year college? 2 year colleges are great because the cost of tuition and fees are about a one-third the cost for a year at a four-year college. Another great thing about two-year colleges are that you can get all your general studies done and then […]

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Class for Great Experience with Research Process for Non-Traditional Students

This course can provide students with experience in developing market information to use in effective decision making. During the course there is multiple opportunities for traditional and non-traditional students to work with outside businesses to create a market research campaign and find out what the customers think of the business. Use of the internet and […]

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Seminar in Marketing

Social Media Campaign Students will learn the importance of keeping current on new, emerging marketing trends, and identify sources used by marketing professionals to do so. The course will explore the important techniques and methodologies social scientists, marketers, and advertisers use to stay with, if not ahead of, cultural developments that are critical to successful […]

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Personal Branding

Personal Branding Course – 2nd year spring course: Are you proud of your digital presence? Will you be proud of it in ten years? Are there things that are untrue or pertain to someone with the same name? Do you want to know what you can you do about that? Do you want to find […]

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Marketing Management-

Work with an outside company As the capstone course for marketing majors, the learner will apply their knowledge to solve a business opportunity or problem by developing marketing objectives and strategies for a local business. Student teams will work with the area business to implement their recommendations in a competitive environment. A marketing plan for […]

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Project Management

Pick your own charitable project This course is designed to introduce students to the importance of project management in business environments. Project management is the discipline of planning and organizing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific goals while managing constraints of scope, costs and time. Students will explore the process of project […]

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Product Principles: Shark Tank Projects

Complete a Shark Tank Project. The student will develop a mastery of the basic principles and practices of current day marketing. Emphasis will be placed on decision making issues of managing product, price and placement strategies. Student will analyze the influence of the market, the competition, and learn how to develop and manage effective marketing […]

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Marketing Communications: Advertising

Creation of the Promotion Principals advertising Elements Hands-on study of the different types of communication tools needed to support the marketing role. Students will learn how to write press releases, public service announcements, media kits, Internet copy, product descriptions, brochures, and promotional copy. Students will create a portfolio of writing samples that will serve as […]

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Marketing Financials: Shark Tank

Shark Tank Budget This class is designed to expose the learner to basic accounting concepts, which will provide a framework for the general financial analysis all businesses conduct. The student will learn the basic accounting cycle along with the fundamental principles of depreciation, inventory, cash flow, accruals and deferrals. With this context in place, the […]

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