Marketing Associate Degree Courses

  • Promotion Principles

Earning your Associate Degree in Marketing  at Western Technical College prepares you for a career in business-to-business sales, retail sales management or buying, small business or corporate marketing in as few as 2 years. You will learn how to apply marketing to real world situations using:

Our campus in La Crosse provides residents of western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, and northeastern Iowa with a hands-on marketing experience through projects with local businesses and organizations from a college close to home. Our instructors provide both academic credentials and professional marketing experience from their careers as marketing consultants and sales professionals.

Marketing Financials: Shark Tank

Shark Tank Budget This class is designed to expose the learner to basic accounting concepts, which will provide a framework for the general financial analysis all businesses conduct. The student will learn the basic accounting cycle along with the fundamental principles of depreciation, inventory, cash flow, accruals and deferrals. With this context in place, the […]

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Promotion Principles

Promotional Plan for Marketing Program. Students work in teams to select and research a company, brand, or business, create an institutional and event promotion campaign and buy efficient media in order to influence a data-defined market segment. The markets may be local, national, or global

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Selling Principles: Prospecting and The Process

Prospecting Clients Project Selling is a part of a firm’s marketing activity and is a professional business process. Topics include: Identification of sales prospects Determination of client needs After-sales customer support Legal and ethical obligations of sales professionals Development of oral and written communications for selling Analysis of organizational structure Making a sales presentation

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Orientation to Marketing: Success

Orientation to Marketing: Success Information Interview Students will develop skills to enhance their success in college and their marketing related career. These skills include self-assessment, time management, study skills, learning styles, active reading, communication skills, and career development. An in-depth use of college tools such as Blackboard, student e-mail, and other technology will be introduced […]

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