Which Marketing Associate Degree is Best for You?

Earning your Associate Degree in Digital Marketing at Western Technical College prepares you for a career managing various popular digital tools effectively in as little as 2 years. Flexible delivery methods for this program include attending one evening per week, fully online, in La Crosse, or at our regional locations.

Course content is regularly updated to remain relevant in today’s rapidly shifting digital marketplace, including website content management, marketing analytics, SEO, social media, digital advertising, copywriting, and e-commerce, as well as the fundamentals of marketing and marketing strategies.

Earning your Associate Degree in Marketing Management at Western Technical College prepares you for a career in managing marketing strategy, retail sales management, business-to-business sales, small business or corporate marketing in as few as 2 years. You will learn how to apply marketing to real-world situations using:

Our campus in La Crosse provides residents of western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, and northeastern Iowa with a hands-on marketing experience through projects with local businesses and organizations from a college close to home. Our instructors provide both academic credentials and professional marketing experience from their careers as marketing consultants and sales professionals.

Multi-Cultural Non-Traditional Students

              Why Western? Multi-Cultural Non-Traditional Students Western Technical College is the perfect place for all non-traditional students who are thinking about coming back to school. Western marketing program offers excellent classes that allow you to understand the concept and the whole process of marketing in a two year period. […]

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Millennials: Why you need to pay attention to us!

Retail Businesses – Millennials were born between 1981 and 2000 and take up a fourth of the U.S. population. They have $200 billion annual spending power and they aren’t just trend setters they have influence over the older generations. Let’s keep that in mind. The millennials believe in trust, authenticity and interaction within the company. Now […]

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My Experience with the Western Marketing Program and Living In the Western Residence Hall

I have enjoyed my time at Western quite a bit I really enjoy the town of Lacrosse WI. Western has many resources that a big university has in a much smaller package. One of the first things that caught my eye about western was the humongous dorms, I toured several other technical colleges and most […]

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The Life Cycle of Marketing Principles

The Marketing principles class at Western Technical College teaches you about the Product life cycle and how a new product goes through the four phases of the cycle; introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. From there you learn about the new product development process and then to branding, packaging, and labeling. The class also covers the […]

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Want to take away more than just a degree? Look into certificates!

Are you graduating high school and planning on going to college for a business related program? Western is an inexpensive technical college which offers excellent programs, certificates, and instructors. The Marketing Certificate is only a three class certificate that will help you gain knowledge! These classes are: Marketing Principles: Marketing Principles represents the comprehension of […]

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Bigger Job Opportunity After Graduation

Transferring from a different school and want to have a couple of different degrees, but don’t want to be in school that long?  Why don’t you think about doing a certificate instead of an Associate’s Degree? When you come to Western you have the option to do both. There are a couple of different Associate’s […]

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Enhancing the customer in-store mobile experience

By: Richard Miller, January 26,2016 It is now 2016, and the evolution of technology has literally put the shopping experience for consumers in their own hands. As consumers turn to their mobile devices to make purchases,collect information, and ultimately make buying decisions retailers will need to evolve with this constantly changing industry. Through research of […]

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