For a High School Student

After students have been accepted into Western Technical College and have chosen to enroll into the marketing program, the next step is to contact an academic counselor. A counselor helps students understand what is involved in the marketing program, along with what happens outside the marketing program in general education classes. Counselors help with scheduling along with tips and tricks to help students thrive at Western Technical College.


  • The Western marketing program is very fun.
  • The program involves a lot of in class activities that teach you the skills that are needed in a marketing job.
  • There are hands on projects that work with local businesses.
  • If you want a program that involves a lot of hands on activities and helps develop the skills needed to be a good marketer, the Western Technical College marketing program is for you.

Arranging a visit with a counselor is easy, simply call our Welcome Western_Technical_College_logoCenter at 1.800.322.9982 and request a counseling appointment.

Check out a video overview of our program here.


High school students will also find that the Western Technical College’s homepage is very helpful! By clicking the link below, students will get a better understanding of the “Essential Experience.” As well as a better understanding of what Western and the marketing program has to offer them.

Getting Started

Another helpful resource that the Western homepage has is the program information. By clicking the link below, students will be able to take a first glance at what is expected of them as a marketing student at Western Technical College. This site includes admission requirements, curriculum, outcomes and more!

Marketing Program at a glance!


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