Getting your fitness on…as a student!

FITNESS – Well guys, we all know that it basically sucks to workout. At least the build up of mustering up enough motivation to get our butt to the gym.

Sometimes we just don’t want anyone to see how hideous we appear. Other times we just are too burnt out from a long day of class and or work. Well you guys, there are a few solutions. Home workouts! Who would have thought right?

Throw in some P90X and and jump around like a monkey in the convenience of your home. P90X is actually a really good workout routine, but like many gyms you pay for it. If you have an extra $120 laying around, go buy it so you can workout at home and relieve that stress! Or maybe you have a generous friend who has it, or a god-mother that received it as a gift from her most recent husband. However, if you can’t find P90X or just don’t feel like looking for it you still have other options! There are knock off brands of the home workout DVD’s that are still super beneficial to you and your health. You will look and feel better if you workout at least a few nights a week. If the home DVD workout phenomenon still doesn’t light your fire, a few sets of push-ups and sit ups is better than nothing. When you get the urge to warm up a TV dinner to your favorite Netflix show, crank some tunes and do some push-ups. You will be surprised how good you will feel. That one little decision could be the game changer. It could be the start of a series of good decisions and a few compliments here and there from your school crush. Fellow students: Let’s get our fitness on! We have many options here in La Crosse. There are many gyms to purchase a membership from and there are a lot of bluffs and trails that need some stomping.

Let’s improve ourselves folks!


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