Do you need interviewing clothing?

Interviewing clothing

Interviewing clothing

Are you looking for interviewing clothing?  If you are entering the workplace or low on cash, here’s a solution.  Dallas Lyp, Suits for Success event coordinator in 2018, stated: “It’s a good opportunity to get professional clothing if you can’t either afford it right out of college, or you just need something to look nice for free.”

According to WXOW, Dao Pham, a student at Western Technical College, said she feels more confident to go on job interviews after picking up some clothes at Suits for Success.  Furthermore, “Preparing for my future career, I think that is important because people want professional people to work for them,” said Pham.

Suits for Success is held at Western Technical College’s Lunda Center in La Crosse, WI.  Clothing has increased from 600 to over 2,000 in five years.  Although the event is over for this year, you can still get free clothes.

Because you need interviewing clothing, attend the event next spring at the Lunda Center.  You’ll be happy that you did because it’s a community event.

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Written by:  Connie Smith-Williams



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