How to become a Digital Marketer Today

Do you enjoy following trends and staying up to date with the rapidly changing world of digital marketing? Here at Western Technical College we offer three different courses that can suit you. The Digital Content Specialist program will provide you with an introduction to marketing principles, with an emphasis on developing quality content for various digital formats. This certificate credits are transferable to the Digital Marketing Specialist and Digital Marketing associate’s degree. In the Digital Marketing program you will learn web site content management, marketing analytics, SEO, social media, digital advertising, copywriting, and e-commerce, as well as the fundamentals of marketing and marketing strategies. This associate’s degree provides you with the foundation, concepts, tools, and skill set necessary to market a business in today’s digital environment. Lastly, the Digital Marketing program provides an introduction to marketing principles and explores methods for developing an online strategy. As part of your coursework, you will conduct actual marketing research for a business and use it to create and implement a promotional plan. To learn more about a certain program click on the link below.

Digital Content Specialist:

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Specialist:


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