Clothing Donations Pick-up Near Me

Clothing donations pick-up near me?  Have you decided to throw out your old clothes and purchase new items?  Suits for Success is accepting gently used or new clothing for college students and the surrounding communities.  Clothing items, such as suits, blouse, shirts, skirts, etc. are needed.  Therefore, your donations will be appreciated.  Suits for Success is a yearly event hosted by the business management students of Western Technical College.

Clothing donations pick up near me

Clothing donations pickup near me

The students are picking-up clothing near you at the following locations on Western Technical College La Crosse’s campus:

  • Learner Support Center, Academic Resource Center
  • Business Education Center Office, Room 105
  • Multicultural Affairs Office, Academic Resource Center, Room 232
  • Student Union Donation, Next to the ATM
  • Welcome Center, Front Desk

Since the event takes place on March 6, 2019, hurry and drop-off your clothes. If you forget, no worries because these clothing donations will be available again next year too!

In conclusion, because donating makes a difference, it’s never too late to give.

Post originally by: Conseula Smith-Williams.

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