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Promotion Principles

Promotional Plan for Marketing Program. Students work in teams to select and research a company, brand, or business, create an institutional and event promotion campaign and buy efficient media in order to influence a data-defined market segment. The markets may be local, national, or global

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Selling Principles: Prospecting and The Process

Prospecting Clients Project Selling is a part of a firm’s marketing activity and is a professional business process. Topics include: Identification of sales prospects Determination of client needs After-sales customer support Legal and ethical obligations of sales professionals Development of oral and written communications for selling Analysis of organizational structure Making a sales presentation

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Orientation to Marketing: Success

Orientation to Marketing: Success Information Interview Students will develop skills to enhance their success in college and their marketing related career. These skills include self-assessment, time management, study skills, learning styles, active reading, communication skills, and career development. An in-depth use of college tools such as Blackboard, student e-mail, and other technology will be introduced […]

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